Why do you curse mercy
» Raoul is almost as bad as Hans.


I’ve finally jumped aboard the “The Phantom is Better than Raoul” ship. Sure, he’s evil, sadistic, and more than slightly insane, but it’s not his fault and he CARES MORE ABOUT CHRISTINE THAN RAOUL DOES. In the 25th anniversary edition, when Christine is falling apart and sobbing because she’s scared, Raoul just rolls his eyes and is VERY dismissive. And then Christine still turns toward Raoul 110% of the time! The Phantom is slightly obsessive, but he loves Christine even though there’s a huge age difference. 

In conclusion: Everyone has issues, but the Phantom is the bomb and Raoul is second only to Hans for the Jerkface Boyfriend of the Year Award.

You are entitle to your opinion but can I just disagree with you for a sec? Since you mentioned the 25th ann dvd, I would just like to point out that they were told to act the way they did in order for it makes sense for LND. Like, Raoul isn’t really like that but they made him much more abrasive in order for the events in LND to make sense, character wise. ‘Cause Raoul is a major douchebag in LND.

In all honesty, I don’t believe the Phantom loved her properly until she showed him compassion. It was more of obsession and he only saw her as an object of sorts up until the end. It wasn’t really love for him. And the Phantom is really an asshole and his sadistic tendencies are his fault. He didn’t have to kill people/kidnap Christine/threaten to kill Raoul unless she stayed with him/be a creepy stalker

I mean, this is just how I’ve seen it.